Mikumi National Park

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Salvation has come!!!

I am not sure what I thought it would feel like...the day when my children received Christ. I have prayed for it since the day, no BEFORE the day I knew I was pregnant with them. As an expecting mom (or for me, as one who wanted to be expecting for so long) people pray for lots of things, health is one of those top ones. But I prayed for their salvation, that they would know the Christ and be madly in love with him. Today it happened. Both Madeline and Carter prayed and allowed the perfectly illogical miracle to occur, the living God now dwells in their heart.

Just for a split second I am sad. Laurence and I were not the ones to lead them in the prayer. That quickly passed because we Know, that it will always be a sweet moment shared with a super sweet, kind devoted lady. Mrs. Rachel is the kids' Sunday School teacher. She and her husband have been in Tanzania for 15 years teaching and reaching the lost. They started their English language worship service about 6 months ago. We have been attending since almost the beginning.

Carter has a "Super Hero" vision of God. Since we moved to Africa he started saying things like, "But God can't pick-up this house, right?" We would gently explain that although God CAN it is not something He generally does, but he COULD. Then he would equate God to people or events around us. In the last few months he began praying, "and God I just feel you stuck in my heart, I love you so much", "I know you will always love me." and most recently, "I just want to give you a present but I know I can't." Don't think he is super spiritual. The other day at dinner he said, "God is like the best Jedi." We knew he was getting ready and it would only be a matter of time. He did give God a present. He gave him his life.

Madeline is a bit different. Her relationship with Christ is a little more personal. Not so vocal. She prays. But she does it in private. At our bedtime prayers she said the same memorized scripture for almost 2 years. Lately she just asks if she can pray silently. For all of the talking the girl does she has a hard time expressing herself in this way. For quiet some time she has understood salvation and her need for it. She has told me. She just wasn't ready. She was finally ready. We talked about it, a little. They are just different kids. Madeline just internalizes things a bit more.

Today is a new day.