Mikumi National Park

Monday, March 7, 2011

Unplugged and Disconnected

Wisdom would say to have a good blog you should post frequently. I have blogs I follow and sometimes wish they would post more often because I just really would like to know what is going on. So why did I make one post and then drop off of the face of the earth without even a post on facebook? It is called TTCL and "power shedding".

TTCL is the name of the Internet provider, or should I say the part-time Internet provider. The story goes that someone cut down a portion of the line and they would have it up by the weekend. That was over a week ago. I am typing this from a hotel just in case you were wondering.

Power shedding is something Americans have only faintly heard of. You see, here in East Africa it is the end of the dry season. What does that have to do with power? Well, much of our power is hydro. No rain, no power, therefore it is rationed. They even have a schedule that is (Ha! Carter just tried to get up to go to the bathroom, got confused about his surroundings and opened the door to leave the hotel room. Good thing I am still up!) sometimes followed. My friend got an e-mail (really??? If you don't have power you don't have Internet, not that we have had Internet anyway!!!) that told us when we would and would not have power. Monday out day, Tuesday on, out evening, Wednesday on, Thursday on, Friday out evening, etc..

Which would you rather have, Internet or power? I chose Internet. You see the only thing that it really effects is Playing the Wii and melting my ice cream. Yes, we have plenty of dairy products. The ice cream is wonderful and my milk is delivered fresh to my door. REALLY FRESH, still warm from the cow fresh, but that is the topic for another entry. We don't have Air conditioning so that is nothing to get used to. Our stove is gas so we can cook. And truth be told I detest the Wii. Wish we would had never bought or brought it.

Being in Africa and homeschooling the kids and a husband who works way too many hours leaves me feeling a bit disconnected sometimes. We have made friends here and for that I am thankful. The kids have regular playmates and some friends that just show-up to play. I have a friend upstairs that is sweet and kind and I enjoy her company. But not being able to call my momma or my friends on the magic-jack and chat endlessly about nothing just reinforces the fact that I am half way around the world and so is my momma.

As I type this I am sitting in a freeing cold hotel room. Freezing because I am no longer used to A/C. But I am so happy to have Internet I may just see what is up on ONE TREE HILL or maybe I will call my mom!