Mikumi National Park

Monday, February 21, 2011

3 months

I should have started this blog BEFORE we moved. Jennifer told me too. She even had a name picked out. Can't remember what it was but we agreed that we liked mine better. So, here we are three months later. You see, it's not that I am afraid of technology, I just don't really care. I would rather just spend time doing things I know how to do instead  of learning new things. Then I stumbled upon my cousins blog and here I am.

This blog will be about our life here in Tanzania. To answer everyone's question, NO, we are not missionaries. My husband builds powerlines and we are here on a two year contract to bring power to the country. Only 14% of the country currently has power. This is not a figure I can wrap my head around. We have already had to deal with "power shedding" and my kids are just freaked out. They just can't understand the concept that we are out of power. They have even said "but there wasn't even a hurricane!" We go to church, we homeschool, we try to adjust to life in country where we stand out, can't speak the language and don't understand the things that happen around us. But we are trying, smiling and thankful for this wonderful adventure that God has called us.

I will try to back up and tell stories about our first impressions and other stuff but I am not making any promises!